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WARNING: Developer releases are not stable versions!
They are intended for experienced users who want to see what's next and who want to help me finding bugs.

In order to download the latest stable version go here instead.

Milestone 6.0M7

December 4th, 2005

jave_6.0_M7.zip [2.23MB]

System Requirements

JRE 1.4 or greater installed

What's New

New Features since the last milestone release:
  • Dynamic font greyscale tables for Image2Ascii converter
    When converting using a greyscale algorithm, the greyscale table for the current display font can now be computed automatically. This makes it easy to use special fonts (e.g. symbol fonts) for image2ascii conversion, where there are no predefined greyscale tables available for. Note that the predefined tables usually leed to a better conversion result, since they are manually optimized.
    screenshot: dynamic greyscale tables
  • Macromedia Flash File (SWF) export from Ascii-animations
    Requires the free MTASC compiler (http://www.mtasc.org) to be installed (tested with 1.11 on Windows 2000, should work on other systems, too). The path to the compiler binary must be specified on the export options page for SWF export:
    screenshot: SWF export
  • Moved the mouse characters panel from the status bar to the tool options dialog
    So mouse characters assigned to left/right mouse buttons can now be adjusted only where it makes sense to do so:
    screenshot: mouse characters panel
  • Added tool tips in order to somewhat explain the difference between generic and algorithmic tools:
    screenshot: tooltips to explain generic/algorithmic tools
  • Added a new example 'key' to the 3D rendering tool - many thanks to Adam Robbins.
    screenshot: 3D example (key)
  • Bugfix: Exception with using TextTool
  • Bugfix: Problems saving/loading cliparts
  • Lots of other minor improvements and bugfixes, brushed up some dialogs
More Features can be found in the changes from the previous release 6.0 M6.


Your feedback is important: Let me know if you find any bugs or inconveniences. Write to markus@jave.de.

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