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WARNING: Developer releases are not stable versions!
They are intended for experienced users who want to see what's next and who want to help me finding bugs.

In order to download the latest stable version go here instead.

Release Candidate RC1

May 12th, 2008

jave_6.0_RC1.zip [3.8MB]

System Requirements

JRE 1.6 or greater installed

What's New

New Features since the last milestone release:
  • When starting up JavE, there is now a "Quick Start" dialog for choosing one of the popular features of JavE.
    screenshot: Quick Start dialog
  • Updated the FIGlet fonts library to version 4.0
  • Improved and extended preferences dialog (menu "View" > "Preferences...")
    screenshot: Preferences dialog
  • Improved behavior when dropping a selection outside the document bounds:
    • By default, on text editors the document is being resized automatically
    • By default, on animation editors the document is not being resized automatically
    • This can be adjusted independently for text and animation editor in the preferences dialog (menu "View" > "Preferences...")
    • When auto resize is enabled for animations, the resize operation will now resize all frames, in order to have the frames properly aligned.
  • Improved Mac Os X integration. Many thanks to Zak for testing!
  • From the 3d renderer (menu "Special" > "Render 3d") animations are directly opened in the animation editor.
  • Updated the program icon to have colors (like the JavE logo)
  • JavE now supports Drag'n'Drop for opening files. Just drop a file on the application to open it.
  • When opening an image file instead of opening the image2ascii converter the user is now asked what to do: Image2Ascii Conversion, Camelizer or Using the image as Watermark
    screenshot: Opening images
  • Fixed inconsistency in file dialogs for images: Now every file chooser offers the same set of image formats.
  • Brushed up the camelizer dialog.
    screenshot: Camelizer dialog
  • In the animation export wizard the initial output file is filled in automatically.
  • JavE now uses the new Splash-Screen functionality in Java SE 6 in order to show the splash screen much earlier.
  • Brushed up the Image2Ascii conversion dialog a bit.
  • Opening the Image2Ascii converter for the first time automatically opens the file chooser for choosing the image file.
  • The color scheme settings (Menu "View" > "Color") are now respected in the Image2Ascii converter.
  • The color scheme settings (Menu "View" > "Color") are now remembered when restarting JavE.
  • Moved button for tool options dialog to the status bar. When closing the dialog, you will see a little animation to help remembering, where the dialog can be reactivated.
  • Bugfix: "Convert 'Making Of' to Animation" caused an error when the document had not yet been edited.
  • Bugfix: The tool "Freehand Algorithmic" broke from M7 to RC0.
  • Lots of other minor improvements and bugfixes.
More Features can be found in the changes from the previous release 6.0 RC0.


Your feedback is welcome: Let me know if you find any bugs or inconveniences. Write to markus@jave.de.

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